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Here are some examples of my residential projects.

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Peggy’s Apartment NYC

Here is a wonderful example where the principles of feng shui were used for Peggy’s apartment in 1992 and 2013.

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  • Pictures of unfurnished apartment in 1992.
  • Pictures of finished apartment in 1992 following the Feng Shui consultation.
  • Poem by Peggy Troupin.
  • Book of poems by Peggy Troupin.
  • BEFORE - View of Entry foyer.
  • BEFORE - View of living room with art wall.
  • BEFORE - View of dining room.
  • BEFORE - View of kitchen.
  • BEFORE - View of bedroom.
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Residence, New Jersey

Here is a wonderful example where the principles of feng shui were integrated for this new home designed by Gary Rosard, Architect. After the home was completed, a feng shui blessing was performed to welcome the new family.

  • A water fountain was located at the main entrance and driveway to enhance "Career and Prosperity".
  • This curvilinear stair wall was accented with the blue color to add the element of "Water" into the new home.
  • The stove was located so that the chef was located in the "commanding position" to ensure good health and family relationships.
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Mamaroneck, New York

Description goes here.

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Guest Cottage
Mamaroneck, New York

Description goes here.

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Los Angeles

Here is a case study of how feng shui can make an impact on your space and your life. Heather and I was welcome to move and change this home located in Los Angeles. The intention and focus was to enhance “Relationship and Career” for this owner. After shifting the existing furnishings with these intentions, I am happy to report that the owner has moved out of this home, got married and is now enjoying a very musical career. This home is a wonderful example where the intentions were clear and also, we needed to work within the budget of time and money.

  • "Before" picture of Dining Room located in the "Career" area
  • "After" picture of the Dining Room enhancing clarity and inspiration for a new "Career"
  • View from the Dining Room to the Living Room
  • Enhancing “Relationship” by placing a beautiful Japanese kimono symbolizing “Marriage” with the addition of a pair of matching pillows to represent a couple
  • View of newly arranged Living Room to welcome guests and new opportunities
  • Another view of the Living Room with a table for two located next to the window overlooking a beautiful lush green intimate terrace
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Apartment Renovation
New York City

Here is a case study where an apartment located in the Upper East Side of New York City was going to be completely renovated. As the consulting feng shui architect and interior designer, this was the perfect opportunity to help with the initial design process and to create a Masterplan with intention. In this situation, the owner wanted to meet the girl of his dreams as well as to make an investment on this apartment. I am happy to report that both of his initial intentions were fulfilled. Also, take the time to view the video where this apartment was featured in a home makeover show “Gimme Shelter” as well as a TV newscast illustrating the completed apartment.

  • Arched doorways which represented "soft female" energies were built to balance the masculine energy of the owner as well as the "yang" location of this apartment unit relative to the entire building.
  • This table (desk) acting as the home office was located in the "commanding position" as well as creating a "homey" inspirational place to do one's work and enhancing one's "Career".
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Feng Shui in Antigua

During our lovely vacation in Antigua, we met a very interesting person, Raymond.

From our initial meeting with Raymond, it was clear that he was asking for guidance for his life. So, we did a feng shui consultation for him where it was an incredible experience for all, including ourselves.