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October 2014 Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter

As we enter the next Mercury Retrograde period (September 30 to October 28),
this is an ideal time to support new directions and explorations!
It is actually a good time to finish older, undone tasks, or for personal writing and inner work.

Come join me for my upcoming class this month;
refresh your chi energy and enjoy this period of contemplation and planting seeds for the future.

As I remember taking the late Grandmaster Lin Yun’s workshops, the information may be the same but my interpretation changed and deepened over the years from his teachings. One of the virtues of improving our karma is the Chinese way of continuing our learning by repeating classes and enhancing our inner growth.

Feng Shui Studies with master RD Chin

Oct 25+26 – First weekend class

Oct 7 – Presentation for Interior 2.0
Oct 11-13 – Seminar with Joey Yap

Nov 5 – Group Consultation for a 3 Bedroom/Classic Seven apartment

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