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A Feng Shui Proposal for the WTC Memorial Competition

A Feng Shui Proposal for the WTC Memorial Competition

This design concept is to preserve the integrity of Libeskind’s masterplan by maintaining the expansive 4.7 acres of green grass oasis amid this encompassing urban building complex.

The universal shape of the Memorial will be a circle within the square — circle symbolizes heaven and square symbolizes the earth i.e. “heaven on earth” …Also, the circle connotes love, compassion, equality, a coming together for the victims’ families, the people of New York and the world.

Relative to the main ground plane, the globe of the world is set onto a lower plaza level; the sphere can be perceived as rising from the earth, which is emphasized by the sloped green grass borders on three sides of the Memorial.

The design intention is to separate the sacred quality of the entire site as a peaceful park setting, from the dynamic underground activity in the area.

Design Features:

  • 1. The Memorial is located at the center point of the two WTC towers to maximize the allowances of this site for public ceremonies, celebrations, placement of surviving original elements, and life affirming activities i.e. performance & visual arts exhibitions.
  • 2. The size of the WTC Memorial Plaza is to be 99’™ X 99′ — similar to the size and concept of Rockefeller Center Plaza (approx. 137′ x 85′) which welcomes natural light into the lower concourse level. The interior spaces along the glass walls and the water canals feels more comfortable and appropriate for areas of quiet visitation and contemplation.
  • 3. A translucent Globe of the World, continually turning on its axis, is positioned within a circular pool of water to symbolize our international relationships. Underwater lights will radiate beneath, to create an iridescent glow during the evening hours.
  • 4. A bamboo or jade green colored marble for the Memorial Wall (instead of the traditional black granite) with the inscription of all the Names of the victims is to help enhance the spirit and acknowledgement for new beginnings. On the other side, water will be falling along the Wall as a background, while the bronze statue of the Kneeling Fireman will honor all the firefighters, police, etc. and greet the visitors into the Memorial plaza at the concourse level
  • 5. The glass walls and the marble Memorial Wall is set onto Water canals surrounding the plaza which nurture our life force energy known as “chi” based on the philosophy of “feng shui”; Water creates the balancing element relative to this event produced by Fire. Traditionally, for the Chinese, Water enhances our business and generates $$$; for the ancient Greeks, Water symbolizes the passage between life and death.
  • 6. One can walk on the wide Skylight built into the ground plane symbolizing water; its connection is to the Hudson River. It also provides natural light to the lower concourse level, which is called the Hall of Heroes, where the final resting place for the unidentified remains from the WTC site will be situated. A graceful pool of still water — marking, together with the indirect light on the back wall, the end of the corridor — will reflect through a system of mirrors the Peace Flame from above
  • 7. The World Peace Flame located at the end of the axis to the WTC Memorial at the slurry wall is to symbolize the memory of all victims and bring positive and healing “Light” into our world conciousness.
  • 8. A narrow line of glass blocks and lights built into the ground will be used to make visible the footprints of the original WTC towers both in day and night times. It will also provide natural and respectively artificial light to the lower concourse level for spaces especially designated to families and loved ones of victims as well as a variety of spaces belonging to a future expansion.
  • 9. The universal shapes of the soft round circle within the square balances the dynamic sharp-edged shapes of the surrounding buildings, which suggest a cluster of healing earth quartz crystals.