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What do you learn in a weekend class with RD?

During the first weekend class, an overview and history of feng shui as well as learning the fundamental principles were presented. Simple qigong and meditations are included to enrich the experience of understanding “chi” or energy. More importantly, the students were able to apply feng shui onto an actual project; the teachings were invaluable in learning the theory and then applying these important principles onto a real apartment situation.

Please come to the next weekend class on November 22+23, 2014 where we will continue our feng shui studies which will include the “Chi evaluation” of people, the study of the “Five Elements”, and “Color Theories and Applications”.

    Weekend 1 of 6:

  • Introduction + History of Feng Shui
  • Slide Presentation of feng shui projects
  • Class exercise – Placing the Ba-Gua on a sample Floor Plan
  • Class exercise – Evaluating the Yin+Yang chi energies in a Space
  • Class presentation by each student for the Feng Shui of a Studio Apartment
  • Meditation combined with Qigong practice