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What are some Feng Shui recommendations for the New Year to obtain career success this year?

Here are three tips to obtain career success this year:

    1. Rearrange your work space! By changing the position of your desk, you will gain a new perspective about your career. A simple change in your work space will give you a new outlook for your projects.
    2. Change the artwork in your space will give you ideas for new opportunities!
    3. A wonderful feng shui “transcendental solution” is to light up the “Wealth” corner with lights on a timer from 11am (represents the “Sun” time) to 1pm and 11pm to 1am (represents the “Moon” time) which represents auspicious times. You can use Xmas lights or an uplight shining on a lush green plant or a piece of art which has meaning for you to bring in $money$ and to enhance your career.

Group consultation for Anthony & Brooke


Here are pictures from our last weekend class of our feng shui studies where we included a group consultation for the home of Anthony + Brooke. Their main intention is to enlarge the existing kitchen and to balance and enhance the chi energy for the new home.

In addition to placing the ba-gua over the home from two different entrances – the front door and the side door, RD also placed the ba-gua over the family properties which gave additional insights and practical recommendations to help enhance the “chi energy” for their house.

Five Tips to Create a Positive and Prosperous Space

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.58.33 PM

With sincere thanks for watching the video!
Please download this report and questionnaire by clicking onto this link, Five Tips to Create a Positive and Prosperous Space:

  1. The desk is in the “commanding position”.
  2. Lots of natural light or use full spectrum lighting in your workplace.
  3. Lush green plants promote “good health” and prosperity!
  4. Place artwork to inspire you!
  5. Organize and periodically clear your desk for new projects.

Here are some inspirational pictures with additional tips for consideration for your work space:

    So, which diagram shows your desk position?
    Diagrams B, D + E are the best feng shui desk locations for a private office.

Desk placement.001

And here are a couple more articles which may interest you: Feng Shui for Your Office. and Space Centered.

Please feel free to call or email me for an evaluation of your office space.
I look forward to meeting you. RD


How do you feng shui an unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment?

After a brief introduction about feng shui, the ba-gua was placed over the floor plan to foster discussion from the client to clarify her intentions for the consultation. After evaluating the chi energies of the unfurnished apartment, it became clear where to place the furnishings and to determine the sizes of the furniture; following the calculation of her main element using the Nine Star Ki system, the colors were selected to balance the chi energy of the client and her new home!

What do you learn in a weekend class with RD?

During the first weekend class, an overview and history of feng shui as well as learning the fundamental principles were presented. Simple qigong and meditations are included to enrich the experience of understanding “chi” or energy. More importantly, the students were able to apply feng shui onto an actual project; the teachings were invaluable in learning the theory and then applying these important principles onto a real apartment situation.

Please come to the next weekend class on November 22+23, 2014 where we will continue our feng shui studies which will include the “Chi evaluation” of people, the study of the “Five Elements”, and “Color Theories and Applications”.

    Weekend 1 of 6:

  • Introduction + History of Feng Shui
  • Slide Presentation of feng shui projects
  • Class exercise – Placing the Ba-Gua on a sample Floor Plan
  • Class exercise – Evaluating the Yin+Yang chi energies in a Space
  • Class presentation by each student for the Feng Shui of a Studio Apartment
  • Meditation combined with Qigong practice

Change your website, change your Life!

One of the feng shui “transcendental cures” to change one’s life is to create a “renewed image” of oneself for the world. So, here is an example of changing the look of my website. It was birthed during the Chinese New Year of the Green Wood Horse – February 2014 – an auspicious beginning!!!
It was a pleasure to design and work with Alex Canelos who created my current website and blog. Here is the link to see the design process for my website: A Story for a Feng Shui Website.