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What Feng Shui elements can I incorporate into my home to prosper good health?

    Hang a crystal in your window; it welcomes “healing rainbow of colors” into your space!
    Bring some bamboo into your home. They are easy to maintain and can flourish in all types of lighting situations.
    Other recommended plants can be the Areca Palm or Boston Fern plants; they help purify and clean the air in your home and work space! Check out the NASA Clean Air Study.
    Colorful flowers welcome “Good Luck for your Health”!

What are some Feng Shui recommendations for the New Year to obtain career success this year?

Here are three tips to obtain career success this year:

    1. Rearrange your work space! By changing the position of your desk, you will gain a new perspective about your career. A simple change in your work space will give you a new outlook for your projects.
    2. Change the artwork in your space will give you ideas for new opportunities!
    3. A wonderful feng shui “transcendental solution” is to light up the “Wealth” corner with lights on a timer from 11am (represents the “Sun” time) to 1pm and 11pm to 1am (represents the “Moon” time) which represents auspicious times. You can use Xmas lights or an uplight shining on a lush green plant or a piece of art which has meaning for you to bring in $money$ and to enhance your career.

Group consultation for Anthony & Brooke


Here are pictures from our last weekend class of our feng shui studies where we included a group consultation for the home of Anthony + Brooke. Their main intention is to enlarge the existing kitchen and to balance and enhance the chi energy for the new home.

In addition to placing the ba-gua over the home from two different entrances – the front door and the side door, RD also placed the ba-gua over the family properties which gave additional insights and practical recommendations to help enhance the “chi energy” for their house.

How feng shui can affect the design of your new home

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.23.21 PM

A fellow architect called upon me to help him with the design of a prospective new home; the owners were very particular in the direction and placement of the house.

When designing a new home, feng shui is a powerful tool to help create a comfortable and welcoming place.

Here is a wonderful example illustrating the design changes for a prospective new home to be built in Kings Point, located in Long Island, New York.

What changes were done as you look at the “Before” and the “After” floor plans?

Five Tips to Create a Positive and Prosperous Space

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.58.33 PM

With sincere thanks for watching the video!
Please download this report and questionnaire by clicking onto this link, Five Tips to Create a Positive and Prosperous Space:

  1. The desk is in the “commanding position”.
  2. Lots of natural light or use full spectrum lighting in your workplace.
  3. Lush green plants promote “good health” and prosperity!
  4. Place artwork to inspire you!
  5. Organize and periodically clear your desk for new projects.

Here are some inspirational pictures with additional tips for consideration for your work space:

    So, which diagram shows your desk position?
    Diagrams B, D + E are the best feng shui desk locations for a private office.

Desk placement.001

And here are a couple more articles which may interest you: Feng Shui for Your Office. and Space Centered.

Please feel free to call or email me for an evaluation of your office space.
I look forward to meeting you. RD


Interested in a Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony?

It is a wonderful way to bless one’s space, whether it is your home or office. Everyone is invited. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier”!!! Here are pictures from a feng shui ceremony known as “Tracing the Nine Stars” combined with the “Orange Peel Blessing”. The orange peels are broken into little pieces which are spread thru out the space “to feed the Hungry Ghosts” while the clients express their written intentions and wishes placed with blessed rice in Red envelopes around the home.