How do you feng shui an unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment?

After a brief introduction about feng shui, the ba-gua was placed over the floor plan to foster discussion from the client to clarify her intentions for the consultation. After evaluating the chi energies of the unfurnished apartment, it became clear where to place the furnishings and to determine the sizes of the furniture; following the calculation of her main element using the Nine Star Ki system, the colors were selected to balance the chi energy of the client and her new home!

4 thoughts on “How do you feng shui an unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment?

  1. Linda Prudhomme

    This was a very interesting consultation.
    Once we were in the unfurnished apartment and you actually moved the new refrigerator to its final position it was clear that the original thoughts about the space required adjustment. The sofa/lounge was moved to the end of the room near the window.
    The round table was adjusted to a rectangular table placed at the end of the sofa/lounge. The idea of a pullout sofa was changed to a sofa long enough to sleep on with an extra sofa/lounge piece extending in front of the living room window – the spot the client expects to work in. The idea I liked the best was to replace the shelving shown with graduated shelving on the wall opposite the window in the living room and in addition building one long continuous shelf under the living room window.

    In the bedroom/bath area the cure for the “missing” part of the apartment was two matching rose crystals- one in the bathroom window and the other either on the bedroom window sill I or under the bedroom window.

    Lots of great ideas.

  2. kyle

    It is nice to see “proposal A” option working with the Yin/Yang even though it was not selected in the end. You mention the cures for Relationship and Creativity. It appears in the drawing the relationship gua is missing… why is the cure for the Creativity gua also? Or is that separate?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Kyle for being at the group consultation! I actually placed the “cure” for the Creativity gua in the main living room/kitchen space. I proposed Brenda’s logo of her new business to be placed on the side of the refrigerator when she walks into her apartment; this area symbolizes the “Future + Creativity” area of the space.


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